Our visits and workshops

Vitishow Visit

Welcome to the Vitishow a poetic museum which dives you into Vinification's history during the 1920's. Discover our ancient technical installations which built winemaking art crossed by an immersive unique experience.

While looking at our museum, let yourself be transported by the visual representations evoquing the winemakers skills.

Cellar Masters Workshop

During this immersive experiment, you'll discover the wine tasting secrets, of subtiles aromas and complex flavors. Learn to recognize the diferent shades proper at every grape variesties.

Dive into the universe of the most emblematic grape varieties, understand their main caracteristics and learn to identify them during your tasting. The participants will make their own blend.

Chocolates & Wines

After the discovering of Vitishow®, dive into the eccentricity of an exquisite chocolate tasting choosen to enhance our wines.

Let yourself carry by the seduction and amazement while these inexpected pairings between chocolate and red and white wines awaken your senses, creating a gustative experience truly captivating.