About Vitishow

Enjoy a unique wine experience in Entre-Deux-Mers !

The Vitishow

The first part of Vitishow will let you discover the life of the vineyard throughout all four seasons. You will learn about the vineyard equipment dating back a century ago.
After that, you will be taken on a journey through the history of Château de Seguin and the world’s most famous winemaking region. Let yourself be guided by the light and live the unique experience of Vitishow.

A film screened in the museum will immerse you to the golden age of wine and will breathe life into ancient wine pressing machines.

During this fascinating journey you’ll follow every stage of wine making process, from grape-picking to a bottle.

The show



It all starts with the Big Bang that created the universe, the Earth and the precious terroir for winegrowing. The sun rises over Château de Seguin illuminating the plots of vines. It’s the beginning of the 20th century and it’s harvest time.



Horse-drawn chart filled up with grapes discharges berries into a receiving vat. The winemaking facilities start working.
The new vintage is being born, step by step, from grape picking to blending and bottling.



Performance of lights and sound continues and presents us the great vintages that ring a bell for remarkable history events :
1969 : first footsteps on the moon
1989 : the fall of Berlin Wall
1998 : FIFA World Cup..

At the end a sommelier joins the guests to share a bottle of wine.

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The best way to discover wine is by tasting. Wine is made to be shared and to be enjoyed, it excites our senses and is the source of greatest thoughts.
Wine has inspired countless artists, philosophers and scientists, it has always been a part of a life of a man.

A man and Wine have created The Garden of Inspiration.



The Garden of Inspiration is full of trees bearing fruits of human progress.
The fireworks celebrate life, joy and wine.



At the end of Vitishow we invite you to join us for a wine tasting on the terrace with a breathtaking view on the vineyard.